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Get Lit, Mr Prime Minister

Dear Modiji, I’d like to start off by saying that contrary to what Twitter thinks, I think you’re certifiably cool. I’m not saying nice things to avoid being called anti-national (although, if I’m not called anti-national at least once, it’s a day ill-spent for me, tbh.) I genuinely believe that you’ve captured the essence of our millennial YOLO SWAG generation ever since you’ve come to power.

My Big Fat Miserable Childhood

If you’ve been a fat kid like me, you’ve probably been coerced by your dad, to shop at Peter England in spite of your protests that it’s not where kids shop. But he still drags you along because he knows, even if you don’t, that you’ve outgrown kid stores a while back.

Oh Mickey, You’re So Fine

I sit patiently on the patio, waiting for Mickey Mouse to descend from his “Club House”. His latest squeeze, a busty, lively young millennial who calls herself Minerva in the company of journalists, brings me coffee and asks me to wait. Everything from her plastic Mouse ears to her puffy-sleeved chiffon top is a reminder of Mickey’s illustrious past. She disappears into the pop of technicolour that is Mickey’s mansion, the moment Mr Mouse comes out for the interview.

Diaries of a Lit Fest Rookie

The novel is about to come out finally. Your publisher says that launch parties are passé. It’s all about social media, they tell you. We have to be smart about marketing. You realise that’s code for, “We don’t want to spend any money.” But you are a first-time author. You have no option but to... Continue Reading →

A Note Like Never Before

Today, I will be unboxing the brand new ₹2000 note. The new note was brought in to end the black-money racket and help our nation become more proficient in the “two-ones-are-two” tables. So without wasting much time, let’s get straight to business. The new note is 66 mm x 166 mm in size and is... Continue Reading →

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